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Weirdness can wait another day.

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So I simply ensure I tick off everything on my to-do list: meet a photographer at Rex Cinemas for a story , finish writing that article, and sort out my monthly expense claims. All in all, it is a boring, basic day. No one challenges my authority the entire day. No one disagrees with anything I say or do. He accedes to my request for eggplant for the third day in a row. That is a good thing. At the end of the day, I recall how I finally manage to convince a couple of colleagues to get on board with the idea of a Christmas-themed photoshoot.

This is despite their reluctance over the past few weeks. Whether they uphold their promise remains to be seen, but I revel in this mini victory while I can. Saturday, 23 Dec. They pour me coffee, buy and serve me food, take photos for me, and hold the lift doors open for me.

I am living the life. If horoscopes were like this everyday, I would take them very seriously. Talk to a friend about it. For the first time in 27 years, I feel liberated from the burden of trying to be a Christian. Cloister yourself away and do some research.

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Nonetheless, I take the latter part of the horoscope very seriously. There is no horoscope for today because there are no papers today. How will I live?

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I spend most of the day alone, apart from lunch with a new friend. Online, I catch up with a few older friends and we set up appointments for the rest of the year. I also bond with a female friend over issues relating to the male species. I am reminded that friendship requires work, and that I have friends willing to work with me. That is, I suppose, pretty damn sweet.

I discover from this highly journalistic experiment how convenient it is to be convinced that horoscopes are true.

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