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The Ascendant Lord Saturn placed in the 10th House points towards great success in the field of work. This also contributed immensely to his success. It is noteworthy that Jackson's Saturn Dasha began in , i. Further, Saturn's placement in his 10th House indicates that he must have worked really hard to achieve the success he received in his career. Michael Jackson's Horoscope also suggests that although he was a talented and successful person, he also was given to being isolated and troubled.

The Square aspect between Moon and Saturn in his Chart indicates that he was a lonely figure and couldn't get emotionally closer to anyone. Connecting with others easily did not come naturally to him, feels Ganesha. Michael Jackson's was notable for his strange and turbulent love life.

He married twice. Relationships are seen through Venus and the 7th House and Michael Jackson's 7th House is ruled by Sun, which is well-placed in his Chart Leo, but it is aspected by Saturn. Ganesha notes that Saturn also rules the 12th House Capricorn , which is related to hidden or secret matters.

Saturn, being the 12th House Lord, aspected the 7th House of marriage by 10th aspect in Jackson's Chart. Also, Sun, Astrologically, is viewed as a separative planet. Both these factors indicate estrangement and disturbances in married life. Mercury was weak in his Chart, due to retrogression and combustion.

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Plus it was in 8th House Lord in his Chart. This may have made him a recluse, unable to express himself well to others.

Work more than fame

Also, it was during his Mercury Dasha that he gradually lost his popularity and started facing difficulties in various areas of life. He was under the influence of Ketu major period and Venus sub period, when he passed away. When he passed away, the transiting Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Aquarius and were closely opposite to his 8th House of death Lord Mercury.

The 8th House is associated with serious diseases and sudden developments. Since Jackson's Mercury is Natally weak, it could not withstand the draining energy that Neptune was contributing. Jupiter's favourable aspect couldn't prove as the saving grace for Jackson, thus. Perhaps, it was the gentle calming Jupiter's influence that was reflected in the fact that Michael apparently died of an overdose of Demerol, a powerful opioid — that he 'slept' forever without feeling anything.

May Michael Jackson soul rest in peace, and may his glory eternally enchant people.

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