February 13 horoscope 2020 aquarius

Sun remains in exalted position in Aries. This is the first sign of Mars. Initial days of the transit may give some losses. You may hear some sad news. Any of your important work may get delayed. After this, it will transit in the constellation of Rahu which is now posited in Virgo. Losses are likely to occur from enemies. Some health problems are also possible to you. Know the predictions of the entire year here: Aries Horoscope Sun will remain in tenth house in your enemy sign.

It will fill you with energy at workplace, but some delays may also occur. Expenses will remain high. Intensity of love in relationship may decrease. Any injury or wound is possible on your face. Gastric problems are possible in stomach. Last phase of the transit may give you some good news. Chances of hidden income are also there, which may arise in any manner.

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Know the predictions of the entire year here: Taurus Horoscope Victory may come in legal matters. Benefits will come from friends. Competitors will get success in competitions. Health will remain normal. You should protect yourself from germs. You will perform great at workplace. Your inclination may increase toward religion. Some disputes are possible with brothers. Pain in legs is also possible. Know the predictions of the entire year here: Gemini Horoscope Possibilities of financial losses may occur. Loss of respect is possible at workplace. Your works will get delayed and you will also not feel good.

Some sudden expenses will come. Increase in expenses will give you stress.

Aquarius 2020 Horoscope – Love, Money, Health, Career

Spendings are also possible on health issues. Luck will come in favor in the last phase of the transit. Your works will complete on time. Those who made a promise to you on anything may help. Know the predictions of the entire year here: Cancer Horoscope Your courage will increase. Confidence and arrogance are also likely to increase. You may see people with inferior glance. Discussions will further proceed in matters of land and property.

Relations may develop with a distant person. Good chances of financial gains are there. Some problems are possible for your love relationship.

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Mutual understanding is required to take your relationship further. Know the predictions of the entire year here: Leo Horoscope Sun is considered auspicious in sixth house, though many scholars also consider it as inauspicious. Your health may deteriorate. You have to maintain a balanced lifestyle, otherwise you may get into some serious trouble. A situation of confusion will remain in mind.

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Sleeplessness is also possible. Nightmares are also possible. Disputes are likely to arise with life-partner.

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Know the predictions of the entire year here: Virgo Horoscope You have to avoid spicy and oily food. Relations will strengthen with friends.

Love predictions

Support will come from elder people. Either any new love relationship will develop or present relationship will strengthen. New possibilities of financial gains will develop. Erase negativity from your life. You will also get the support of luck. Success will also come in legal matters. Know the predictions of the entire year here: Libra Horoscope If you are an old person, you should exercise regularly and adopt a simple lifestyle.

Keep a check on your heartbeat.

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Also, go for the service of your vehicle. Health may become a problem of most of the people.

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Your luck may do injustice to you, but any unexpected success is also likely to come. You may make some investments. Know the predictions of the entire year here: Scorpio Horoscope Luck will support. Lord of ninth house is aspecting its own house. Though Sun is in its enemy sign, but it is not very unfavorable. Your works will get accomplished, but with some delay. Expenses will increase. Investment related decisions may prove to be wrong. Any inauspicious news is likely to come from children. Delve into your emotions, again, on the 28th of February See also : Aquarius Horoscope The question is, what?

Aquarius Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

Is it a relationship? A feeling about a person?

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An open question about the future? After all, instead of just wishing for change, it would be more helpful to ask yourself if you really want that change.